Okay wats going on

Okay so today and the other days, I've been out with brothers and friends. I did do some sketching of course, but i didn't get to touch the Paladin Piece. I'm gonna try to finish that off this week so i can finish off the chapter 3 and do 3 strips of Notorious BIT. That's a lot eek!

The other thing that me and my good friend Peter has come across was The Dominance War 4. I have completely forgot about it and just found out that everyone's mini challenges is due this coming Monday. We talked it over and we really feel like this is what we've been training for. For those of you who have not heard of The Dominance War, it works like this. it is an Art Challenge that spreads not just through one forum but for 5 forums. And basically its Art Forums going against each other. Each artist pledges allegiance to an Art Forum, and you fight for them. That's why they call it Dominance War. Its usually for new media artists working with 3D Artists and 2D Illustrator Artists. I've been thinking it over and i've decided to go with the 2d illustration challenge. 3D is too much stress for me and i dont' think i can meet the milestones for it.

For the people that are intrigued by it check out the links
Dominace War 4

CGhubthis is the group i picked!
the rest of the forums are diff countries which is weird I've never heard of them before.

3Years ago the challenge was between 2 forums and then suddenly everyone wanted in. Its more like a world war than a normal 1 on 1 which is nuts!

CGhub is fairly new but that's why i wanted to go with them, they're fresh and i know a couple of artists that are in it already.

Oh and i'm also thinking of starting a forum myself just to have a place to keep throwing all these updates of my work cause it seems a bit weird to just post keep posting like this lol. anyway PnL!


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