40min SKETCH

Just a fast one. It's like fishing for me, when i have a little twitch, i try to get it out as soon as possible and maybe i can get something really good. This latest one was amazing to use cause I'm using my good computer and it flowed so well.

I contacted one of my friends and bit the bullet. I asked him if he knew any openings in the Motion Capture department at UbiSoft. They said they'll look over my stuff and see if I'm qualified. I swear I'm really hoping that i could do it because i really need to work on something. Although it might be hard because if i do go i'll have to be living in Montreal. That means spending money to live there and It will be hard to save money and pay bills.

Anyway i can't be worrying about stuff like that right now, i just need to concentrate on getting a job, no matter where it is. My Morale has been pretty low lately because of the lack of calls from the places I've applied to... even EBgames (game store) wont even call me, and I've applied to 5 locations separately. I'm not exactly complaining because I get to draw and draw and draw.

I've got someone emailing me about the fact that I'm using his comic title or his website name or something. So now i have to change NeoEarth, to something else. I have absolutely no idea what to change it to, so that means i have to go spend days figuring out the new name. Oh wells just something new to do really. I hope you guys like the pic, its a little creepy yes. But man, if i was in a heavy metal band, that's totally my helmet. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


Sheila said…
Wow... very cool.... because you were so quick, the strokes have a nice looseness to them but yet remain powerful

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