A little panic

I have pretty much nothing going for me right now. All I have really are my drawings, my family and my friends. Don't get me wrong, i luv it all, its just that i'm pretty much dry right now and no job has come about. I'm worried that i might just work the lowest level of jobs and just stop drawing all together. I dunno why i feel like i have to give it all up, as if its like a drug that eats me alive while my issues gets worse. I've tried all over the place for jobs but its like they don't wanna bother with me. I've stayed positive as much as i can but i get harangued by my parents about doing better. I try everyday to be positive but i can't help but feel distraught. I feel pressure, i feel down... I dunno where I'm going with this so i minus well wrap it up. Every time i go through these moments though, i get a bit more positive. I dunno why but i just feel like there's no other way but forward. I guess i just stumble along the way, except i just keep stumbling a lot more now... Luv and Peace everyone ^_^


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