War General!

So okay i just wanted to get this piece started cause i need to get it done by Monday night. I will be going back to the Paladin Piece tmw and grind in some more work on it. But for now i have a potential piece right here and I'm actually liking it.
I wanted to have like a gladiator type look, and i also wanted to have that wing helmet going on (I luv wings). I also tried to make the face look like Liam Neeson, cause he's one of my fave actors. I'm still working on the portrait accuracy thing, its kinda hard for me lol. Oh and i wanted to make it somewhat futuristic ( i dunno how that's gonna work lol)

I wanna thank everyone again for the inspirational responses I've been getting lately. It's what really keeps me going seriously. I'm actualy thinking of doing a Youtube video, Post Mortem break down on how i did the piece and talk about some useful tools you can use on Photoshop. Hopefully i can find some time to do that after the piece. That's all for now hopefully i can finish the piece and show it to you guys. PnL!


Sheila said…
War General is looking really awesome!
Charles said…
This is hot on so many levels. I would love it if you did a YouTube video describing your techniques and the processes you go through to make these...
Madd Sketch said…
yeh definatley i'll try to do that!
That is off the hook dude!!! Something about this guy reminds me of Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner). Keep it up dude!

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