Wow okay this piece is giving me weird turns. This thing is actually telling me what it wants to be and its like reading a book i swear lol. This has given me grief and amazing feelings while i work on it.

First off I wanna make sure that everyone understands that those snippets of photos behind him are just point of reference. They will be taken out and be done from scratch, its just that its a diff mixture of fire and smoke when its that big and its more dramatic how its oil so i couldn't just come up with it i had to research a bit. the field will be full of death and destruction... sorry to the people that don't like that sort of sutff. This is actually something i wanna put in the time line of the future world i've been writing about. The main character on the image is a Praetorian Guard Paladin class. And basically he leads the army to an invasion or something i dunno lol. I wanted to title it something with a sarcasm like the wonderfull world of death or something lol. Another thing to clear i'm not obsessed with death and destruction, i'm not the type to say go kill people. It's that when i write its about action and stuff like lord of the rings type of thing. I just have a thing for Epic Wars and stuff lol.


Charles said…
Man this is RIDICULOUS!! I love the detail in all of this. I'm assuming you're using a tablet, right...?
Sheila said…
Wow....this is probably your best work yet!
Madd Sketch said…
yes Charles i'm using a tablet ^_^. thanx alot guys, its starting to get really really hard so i'm feeding off ur enthusiasm lol My stomach is like twisting by how this image is turning out. I'm trying to pile on everything i've learned since 2001 lol

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