Quick digiPaint

So I've been all over the place lately, because I've been working on Charlie, but i've also made some new pages for Neo Excerpts and the hub of all this comics i'm making. I've come up with a way to make the panels and not bother with the roughs in it. I've been thinking of putting out there the sketches of the characters 4 volumes from now. I'm still not sure how long i want to make this book, but i'm really gunning for super long! haha.

This is my computer table, I know its a little excessive, but it's very useful to the stuff i used to do. My other table is where i usually draw and stuff, i hate drawing on the computer table.

Okay so this is a quick digital paint i did just now, and i really hate it lol. I was trying to warm up for a better piece but i got tired lol. I really just wanted to do the eyes. The eyes are my most favorite part of the body, they just have so much meaning. Anyway i'll probably try to do something like this next time if i have any time. I'm sorry if that thing doesn't look that good, i've gotten pretty rusty with the tablet haha.

anyway back to the comic, peace and luv everyone!


Sheila said…
Love the new banner and you do have a lot of cool stuff.
Red said…
I really like the digital paint picture, its awesome!! The eyes look very real too.

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