Had a long day

Pretty long day but kinda nice. I went to pick up my friend Peter to work on some web stuff. He doesn't quite get a lot of the artist internet stuff, so i usually have to upload his stuff. Which at this point is kinda iffy so i had him load his own images on his own accounts lol. Since i had alot of stuff on my plate and really updating the main site was giving me some headaches. I finally got some ideas on what else to add to it and went to work on it, then i started to get sick. I dunno exactly when it started happening buts almost everything all at once so its kind of annoying cause i have so much stuff to do. I finally finished Chapter Two and was so glad about it. I still forgot little tid bits but i figured i'll worry about it next time. I'm a little stuck on the next chapter's small fight scene, cause Charlie doesn't really wanna fight. I have ideas for the next chapter but not this coming up one lol. Anyway i'm just glad that i'm moving things along but i really gotta figure out how to make money with my work because i'm in need of money to pay bills. Ugh bills... Anyway Peace and Luv everyone!


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