Saturday, February 28, 2009


yeah i know there's like the little things but i'm just gonna reserve all that stuff for the next piece. I really should get back to the Paladin Piece lol
PEACE AND LUV FOR AAAAAAALL!! (i hope that doesn't get annoying lol)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

98% done!

Its about that much percent done, just gotta add some things on the cloth, fix the left shoulder, and the gold piece above the middle cloth. i want it all to have something to say or just a symbol but i haven't thought of it yet. Oh yeah and also dirty up his face. I need to give him that stubble on his face. anyway i'll be done by tmw yay! PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


Wee now the arm and stomach!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Okay so i've decided to start putting in the logo because its the badge of the Team i've pledged to ^_^. Its normal protocol to put it in... Anyway i'm running blank onsome of his design on his armor because i also want it futuristic. So like his left eye is cybernetic and i want his armor to have a hint of like Halo3 Master Chief look or something i dunno lol. I'm being very indecisive right now, maybe its because its 2:12am lol PnL!

Rraarrr update!

The latest!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

War General!

So okay i just wanted to get this piece started cause i need to get it done by Monday night. I will be going back to the Paladin Piece tmw and grind in some more work on it. But for now i have a potential piece right here and I'm actually liking it.
I wanted to have like a gladiator type look, and i also wanted to have that wing helmet going on (I luv wings). I also tried to make the face look like Liam Neeson, cause he's one of my fave actors. I'm still working on the portrait accuracy thing, its kinda hard for me lol. Oh and i wanted to make it somewhat futuristic ( i dunno how that's gonna work lol)

I wanna thank everyone again for the inspirational responses I've been getting lately. It's what really keeps me going seriously. I'm actualy thinking of doing a Youtube video, Post Mortem break down on how i did the piece and talk about some useful tools you can use on Photoshop. Hopefully i can find some time to do that after the piece. That's all for now hopefully i can finish the piece and show it to you guys. PnL!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay wats going on

Okay so today and the other days, I've been out with brothers and friends. I did do some sketching of course, but i didn't get to touch the Paladin Piece. I'm gonna try to finish that off this week so i can finish off the chapter 3 and do 3 strips of Notorious BIT. That's a lot eek!

The other thing that me and my good friend Peter has come across was The Dominance War 4. I have completely forgot about it and just found out that everyone's mini challenges is due this coming Monday. We talked it over and we really feel like this is what we've been training for. For those of you who have not heard of The Dominance War, it works like this. it is an Art Challenge that spreads not just through one forum but for 5 forums. And basically its Art Forums going against each other. Each artist pledges allegiance to an Art Forum, and you fight for them. That's why they call it Dominance War. Its usually for new media artists working with 3D Artists and 2D Illustrator Artists. I've been thinking it over and i've decided to go with the 2d illustration challenge. 3D is too much stress for me and i dont' think i can meet the milestones for it.

For the people that are intrigued by it check out the links
Dominace War 4

CGhubthis is the group i picked!
the rest of the forums are diff countries which is weird I've never heard of them before.

3Years ago the challenge was between 2 forums and then suddenly everyone wanted in. Its more like a world war than a normal 1 on 1 which is nuts!

CGhub is fairly new but that's why i wanted to go with them, they're fresh and i know a couple of artists that are in it already.

Oh and i'm also thinking of starting a forum myself just to have a place to keep throwing all these updates of my work cause it seems a bit weird to just post keep posting like this lol. anyway PnL!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Three! down and dirty

okay now its time to get down and dirty. I couldn't resist to put it on now cause i wanted to see which way to do it. There's many ways to do it, i usually use a metal texture and do a clip mask. One day i'll do a video tutorial for anyone that does not understand what i'm saying. I usually do the method on textures for 3d models but its interesting to put it on a 2d illustration piece. I actually learned this seeing Bobby Chiu one time teach for a bit. It's funnie when u think you've learned it all, someone always will show u another way of doing something, it never fails. Well off i go! PnL!

Friday, February 20, 2009

end of day two



Wow okay this piece is giving me weird turns. This thing is actually telling me what it wants to be and its like reading a book i swear lol. This has given me grief and amazing feelings while i work on it.

First off I wanna make sure that everyone understands that those snippets of photos behind him are just point of reference. They will be taken out and be done from scratch, its just that its a diff mixture of fire and smoke when its that big and its more dramatic how its oil so i couldn't just come up with it i had to research a bit. the field will be full of death and destruction... sorry to the people that don't like that sort of sutff. This is actually something i wanna put in the time line of the future world i've been writing about. The main character on the image is a Praetorian Guard Paladin class. And basically he leads the army to an invasion or something i dunno lol. I wanted to title it something with a sarcasm like the wonderfull world of death or something lol. Another thing to clear i'm not obsessed with death and destruction, i'm not the type to say go kill people. It's that when i write its about action and stuff like lord of the rings type of thing. I just have a thing for Epic Wars and stuff lol.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

lost track of time...

I dun even know what time i'm at... Its not talking to me anymore so i'm feeling kind of lost. i think i need to step away from it before i start laughing like a crazy person...

5 hours in

okay its taking a bit of time but its because i wanna try to pile in more detail to entertain myself. And thus the journey continues! PnL!

New work comin right up!

woke up at 7am can't sleep what do u do? Put on some bboy music and draw! I'm working on a 4000pixel size so the details are pretty much not there cause i shrunk it lol
I'm doing this guy just because i want to, i know its ridiculous. That's why i call him Captain Ridiculous lol

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


okay i finished it! I'm gonna go to sleep... i talked about it here

Wow another one

I figured I'll post the line work on this piece but I'm actually about to color the whole dang thing by tonight. Hopefully i can lol cause i really wanna finish this. I've been wanting this done since chapter two but the book was more important. There's actually a lot of other stuff i wanna finish but i should finish the rough pages first then go on a artpiece mode. till tmw!

what'chu lookin at?

So okay i was lookin at some digital paintings and wanted to do one of a photograph but not paint on top of the photo. I haven't really done that before so i wanted to see how bad i can do so i can improve on it. In my opinion its pretty bad lol I always veer off the original photo and no i'm not gonna show the photo cause its really bad lol. I took away the colors cause i just luv black and white. I'm not really gonna pretend that i will do it in the future because my feelings just overflow when it comes to black and white. There's just something about it that makes me so happy lol. I think this took me about an hour or two i'm not sure. It was really fun but i wanna do better now, so i'll get the work out of the way then back to some more digital painting. Take care of urselves! PEACE AND LUV!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I wanted to watch something different since i've been sort of learning about dialogue and writing. I decided to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's, i found it to be a good film. I was kind of lost in parts of the film but it wrapped up pretty well, which i was worried at parts cause i was like where is this going. Audrey Hepburn is absolutely gorgeous in this movie i'm like in luv with her now lol.
George Peppard's character is really really awezome, someone to aspire to. Just the cool collective look is the kind of person i'd always like to be but i tend to be loud and trying to make someone laugh hahaha. I guess that's not too bad. I feel bad for him sometimes because of how he's fallen for a crazy girl lol, that's pretty much the kinds of girls i fall for, crazy @_@. I luv this movie and i think i wanna continue looking for the old school ones since nothing now a days are good enough. Peace and Luv everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Had a long day

Pretty long day but kinda nice. I went to pick up my friend Peter to work on some web stuff. He doesn't quite get a lot of the artist internet stuff, so i usually have to upload his stuff. Which at this point is kinda iffy so i had him load his own images on his own accounts lol. Since i had alot of stuff on my plate and really updating the main site was giving me some headaches. I finally got some ideas on what else to add to it and went to work on it, then i started to get sick. I dunno exactly when it started happening buts almost everything all at once so its kind of annoying cause i have so much stuff to do. I finally finished Chapter Two and was so glad about it. I still forgot little tid bits but i figured i'll worry about it next time. I'm a little stuck on the next chapter's small fight scene, cause Charlie doesn't really wanna fight. I have ideas for the next chapter but not this coming up one lol. Anyway i'm just glad that i'm moving things along but i really gotta figure out how to make money with my work because i'm in need of money to pay bills. Ugh bills... Anyway Peace and Luv everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009

new batch of heroes

new thing i'm workin on at night, this one is gonna take long i'm sure of it.

the Summoned

I dunno if i've ever posted at this time, but i just wanted to post this before i forget. Just something i worked on yesterday, drove me crazy trying to get the face right, but its still not the way i wanted it. It looks flat, which i don't do when i'm drawing but on computer its just ugh annoying. hope you guys like it, PEACE AND LUV!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


He's my bad ass dude that goes against the toughest dudes. I'm nowhere near done on this guy. i've just fixed some of his anatomy and i wanted to have fun with the tattoos. he's got grandma hair i gotta fix dat lol

Anyway I've been doing some finishing up on some artwork and doing new ones. I've been thinking alot which is sometimes not good. Depends on the moment i guess... That's all i have for now i'll be getting back on workin on this piece so PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

40min SKETCH

Just a fast one. It's like fishing for me, when i have a little twitch, i try to get it out as soon as possible and maybe i can get something really good. This latest one was amazing to use cause I'm using my good computer and it flowed so well.

I contacted one of my friends and bit the bullet. I asked him if he knew any openings in the Motion Capture department at UbiSoft. They said they'll look over my stuff and see if I'm qualified. I swear I'm really hoping that i could do it because i really need to work on something. Although it might be hard because if i do go i'll have to be living in Montreal. That means spending money to live there and It will be hard to save money and pay bills.

Anyway i can't be worrying about stuff like that right now, i just need to concentrate on getting a job, no matter where it is. My Morale has been pretty low lately because of the lack of calls from the places I've applied to... even EBgames (game store) wont even call me, and I've applied to 5 locations separately. I'm not exactly complaining because I get to draw and draw and draw.

I've got someone emailing me about the fact that I'm using his comic title or his website name or something. So now i have to change NeoEarth, to something else. I have absolutely no idea what to change it to, so that means i have to go spend days figuring out the new name. Oh wells just something new to do really. I hope you guys like the pic, its a little creepy yes. But man, if i was in a heavy metal band, that's totally my helmet. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Monday, February 9, 2009

12 pages to go

Well i couldn't wait to get this page done so it was the first one to get shades on it. I'm sure i could do the rest tomorrow, I should just start it first thing in the morning.

I started doing some pages for the future stuff, for Neo Earth. I hope people will like them. They're gonna be those 1 page per post thingy, which I'm still not really into to be frank. But I'll just finish the pages and post them that way. The page above is my favorite page because it has my tech stuff on it. I hope you guys like it, its what i can put up for tonight. Peace and Luv!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I got passed my drama moment lol

Well You know what there's really nothing i can do but keep trying. I luv this picture cause its pretty much how we are when we go for coffee. It wasn't done cause my brother was outside and he came to pick us up while we were on the way. I was trying to pull out something in the moment.

I have been looking at the Studio's track record so far and i've found out that we're actually making a tiny bit of money on our website. Since i have stopped doing freelance work, I have been pushing really hard on the website content. I have been wanting on doing a art commission gig, where i just draw all kinds of stuff. The thing is i need to create some menu type of deal. I need to stipulate the types of work i'll want to be drawing. So after the pages of Chapter 2 then i'll head right for it.

I found the piece i was workin on where it had a giant robot rampaging a city, and there were tons of people trying to stop it. I talked to a friend of mine about it and inspired me to finish the piece before i go ahead with the other pieces. The only hope i have right now is to make 200-400bucks a month with the website weather its purchases or just visitor hits. I just need to make more content on the site so people can come and check them out. Anyway have a great week people! PEACE AND LUV!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A little panic

I have pretty much nothing going for me right now. All I have really are my drawings, my family and my friends. Don't get me wrong, i luv it all, its just that i'm pretty much dry right now and no job has come about. I'm worried that i might just work the lowest level of jobs and just stop drawing all together. I dunno why i feel like i have to give it all up, as if its like a drug that eats me alive while my issues gets worse. I've tried all over the place for jobs but its like they don't wanna bother with me. I've stayed positive as much as i can but i get harangued by my parents about doing better. I try everyday to be positive but i can't help but feel distraught. I feel pressure, i feel down... I dunno where I'm going with this so i minus well wrap it up. Every time i go through these moments though, i get a bit more positive. I dunno why but i just feel like there's no other way but forward. I guess i just stumble along the way, except i just keep stumbling a lot more now... Luv and Peace everyone ^_^

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This drawing makes me feel really happy. I kept hoping that he didn't move from her position so that i could capture it. She always loves to chill beside me while i draw and i only thought of drawing this moment now lol. I'd say that i wanna do more of this kind of stuff but honestly i'll just not do it if i set myself to do it.

I was thinking of a character that could be my Wolverine but i couldn't really see how to do it. So i later thought maybe i should draw Wolvie first and then i could think of something. I'll show the character in the comic when he shows up, hehe. I'm pretty close to finishing it now, hopefully i can get it done by the coming week. Peace and Luv everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick digiPaint

So I've been all over the place lately, because I've been working on Charlie, but i've also made some new pages for Neo Excerpts and the hub of all this comics i'm making. I've come up with a way to make the panels and not bother with the roughs in it. I've been thinking of putting out there the sketches of the characters 4 volumes from now. I'm still not sure how long i want to make this book, but i'm really gunning for super long! haha.

This is my computer table, I know its a little excessive, but it's very useful to the stuff i used to do. My other table is where i usually draw and stuff, i hate drawing on the computer table.

Okay so this is a quick digital paint i did just now, and i really hate it lol. I was trying to warm up for a better piece but i got tired lol. I really just wanted to do the eyes. The eyes are my most favorite part of the body, they just have so much meaning. Anyway i'll probably try to do something like this next time if i have any time. I'm sorry if that thing doesn't look that good, i've gotten pretty rusty with the tablet haha.

anyway back to the comic, peace and luv everyone!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What i did today...

So basically i ended up spending the whole day on one page. I got too into the idea of putting detail on the wreckage. But I'm pretty satisfied with the results of it, hopefully it looks better with the shades. Now i gotta keep up the look for the whole book. I didn't wanna scan it because i still have little things to add to it so i'd rather have everything done then i scan it all. Besides, taking a picture is ridiculously faster anyway. I luv realizing the benefits of having a simple style, because i can add major detail to the parts i want. And I luv how i can stretch the action pose so it looks more intense. I'm trying to go for the "One Piece" look, that book is one of my favorite stories. Anyway i'm gonna try some sketches and scan them tmw to show you all! PEACE AND LUV!