Madd idea: Fusion Color

So okay here's my idea. A robots digestive system... @_@ yeah but it wont be all gross looking obviously because its a robot not a human being.
So basically the thing in the center is called the Core. It's kinda like the heart but its metal. So what happens is the robot eats metal and it gets broken down to its minerals. The particles are basically the minerals and it will go down to the Core. Now what you can't let happen is touch the core. So what you have is the brackets that circulate the core. So you basically use left and right key to rotate it. So what you do is if u have 4 clustered together they turn into energy.
So basically its how long you can last cause it gets faster and if u clog it up then game over. Or if you keep getting the core hit with the Particles then game over.

What i have to do now is think of the coding part of it. I dunno if i should just use Actionscript3, since i'm learning it. But we'll see what i'll use.


Sheila said…
I like it! Yer always thinkin'....
babbler said…
I like the idea, reminds me of "World of Goo". Have you ever played it? Excellent game! Look it up.
Toodles, Mrs. Slug

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