Sunday, April 15, 2012

Packaging is everything

I luv making stuff for anyone that purchases my work.  I feel like i might be putting too much time and money in it but for now its letting my customers know i appreciate them because they're the only ones buying my work.  When someone cares for me or my work i tend to do everything i can to let them know i appreciate it. But of course sometimes i fall short of it but i'm human, i only have 2 hands and 1 brain that's all patched up but with a few things leaking lol.

An Important artist and business man taught me the value of giving something neat to ur customers and i've always remembered that so that when it came time i started developing products for customers i would make something cool for them to have.  I'm a little slow at it so i'm going to be sending these to customers i've already sent their purchases later.

I even made tags for clothes when i get my stock ready for people to buy directly from me.  I'm so into it but i just don't have the money to make it all happen at once.  But i do enjoy that all my funds are coming from profit i'm making from the work i'm selling.  That way its very hardcore ^_^.

One of my friends from the UK bought one of my prints and she has been a cool person that has supported my work.  I've prepped her print but i wanted to add something cool with it so i took one of the stickers from the munny toy and draw up something cool.

I also made caps for all the tube packages because it doesn't have any and i took the opportunity to create a design that might make the delivery people go whoa! XD  hopefully.  It's like graffiti artists tagging trains and it goes all over new york city and people see it all over the place.  We'll see if it works ^_^

You like my shirt? i'm trying to change up my look XD.  Need to get thinner tho haha .  Even tho i starve everyday i still look big i have no idea why lol.

I like the long hair but the sides always bother me.  I think for the summer i'm gonna keep my hair short but maybe long on the top. If anything i can cover it up with my hat if i'm having a bad day.  I'm pretty sure everyone does that lol

So that's it for now, i just thought i could put words on the things i post on instagram and facebook.  I can rant and blabber on here so i like dat.  I'm also doing commissions for certain people.  But the price is being reworked since i feel it conflicts with my prints prices.  I dunno to be announced i guess.  PEACE AND LUV everyone!! hug someone if you can today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Day at a time

Lately i've just been doing whatever i can and its almost like i'm on autopilot. I'm just doing everything as i think of it and think nothing of it after.  Still trying to focus on the game studio, and finishing off the plans, sort out the online shop and so on.  Lots of stuff back and forth i'm doing but i'm just feeling so trapped in this room and haven't really gone out at all. I need a break this weekend and just go somewhere, most of my friends are all busy so i wont be able to go out with anyone but just me.  Oh well, you do what you can, as a person i guess.

Okay artwork more more more! i have a bunch of artwork i made in the last few weeks and I've been posting a ton of them on my facebook.

I'm not exactly sure what i'm planning to do with these designs but, well basically i thought of putting them on tshirts but also making a book with them in it or something. All this is going to be under my game company because it would be easier that way to track everything. And i could have new ideas with all the stuff we're doing at FMS-games.  Most of these are just stuff i didn't finish for the last year or so, and I wanted to just tackle them now, while i sort of have a chance to.  The next thing i'm doing now is the munny toys. One is half way done, and the other is about a quarter done.  It's really hard to get microns in them but i'm trying.  They tend to wear out after a couple of strokes, and then i would have to draw on paper surface to get the ink going again.  I was also thinking of doing the tech design on canvas and also doing the big pieces i've always wanted to do.  I guess i'm just gonna take it one piece at a time.  Peace and Luv ya'll!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I did some sketches for the past few weeks on just fashion ideas but i'm not sure if they'd go anywhere because i can't even get a shirt printed for myself lol.

I also was thinking of a look I can put together for myself and make it just for me.  Now these are just ideas i come up with in between moments i have where i'm not doing work. I seriously work on so many things I don't do anything else.  Especially now a days, I have been more to myself and focused on my work that i just pile up all the designs that weren't done and plan out ways to get my work out there. So when i have a chance, i would open one of my notebooks that i made and doodle designs.

The one thing i'm having a hard time doing is youTube, i've actually gained so much attention on my channel just recently and I'm not sure how to pick up where i left off.  I'm trying to organize the videos i'm gonna do so i can shoot it and edit it but i seem to be so focused in drawing and work that i can't get myself to start filming.  My thoughts are all over the place too so i can't think of what i'm going to say.  Alot of people are asking for tutorials but i hate teaching everyone as if they're not individuals that's not gonna grasp entirely what i'm trying to teach.  Some people need the 1 to 1 approach to learn things, and i like that better.

 This dude i like just cause of his shape and I'm kind of a hip hop kid from the 90s so baggy clothes are always cool to me.

The hair also reminds me of the Japanese old school style funky style.  It was cool so i kept it on.

The rest i like too but i think i'm gonna try to ink'em now cause i just feel like they're not done or something.  I guess my sketchy days are long gone, i really feel like i have to ink and finish most of my work.  

If you guys haven't been on my facebook i'm always up to date there and i also have my designs there whenever i get them done, i post them right away.  I signed up to a website that makes tshirts called wordans and so far they are pretty cool.  I'm still gonna try to make my own clothes just cause i really wanna get my hands dirty on that kind of stuff.  Plus i can't afford to buy it online myself.  I'll tell ya right now,i'm flat broke, all my money goes to bills and i can't afford to go out and have fun.  I try to save and any money i make on prints i put it all back to get supplies.  Right now i'm doing most of the stuff on my own but its hard when i get over flowed with work and i can't organize.  I manage, but i just hope everyday to get more orders for prints, cause i really would like to sell more.  That sounds petty, but i really don't wanna depend on the vfx movie industry anymore, i was trying to earn alot of money running a concept design studio, and motion capture studio, but i kept loosing so much clients and lost alot of people that i had alot of people lose confidence in me.  It's a tough thing to be ambitious and have the courage to try to achieve something.  But i guess it's selfish for me to want people to believe in me. If they don't wanna believe i guess that's their choice. I'll just have to keep working hard and get that goal. It's taking me awhile but i have no doubt that i will get that success that i've been wanting for my whole life.  It's just taking me time, but this year is going to be it.  I can feel it in my bones! i will end up getting a brand new space just for me to fit the storage and work space.  

Anyway here are some of the designs i have for the shirts

I hope you guys are having a good week, take care! Peace and Luv!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Printing and Packaging

So I sold a print last week and the week before that! I'm excited because I'm starting to sell some.  The interesting part was that I created a back for this package because its so big i couldn't trust any kind of cheap looking plastic bag to go with it.  So i created my own bag which was pretty interesting.  In and of itself i guess it's kind of cheap but I thought it was a good moment to take to get creative and try out new ways to do packaging.  The lady had her eye on a piece that was not on my new list of art prints to sell but i thought i should make it up for sale.  So I got the print wrapped it and shoved some business cards in case she wanted to give some to people she knew.  I'm super stoked at this new way of selling my work because it does not rely on a convention, it just happens any time any place.  I also had to run around weeks before to wrap the first print but it was being shipped all the way to freakin Australia! so cool! It was an old high school friend of mine which lives in the land down under now.  UPS was gonna charge me 100bucks to ship it lol which was about 70bucks more than the actual art print i was shipping lol, so i went with Canada Post and shipped it for 10bucks ! XD oh businessessesess.

Here's the package I created for the print, it had to fit a 19 x 13 print with a bunch of goodies.  I even made my own receipt for it, i'm a little too into it i know haha.  I found my old stencil that had the cross and crown  and i just ran through a marker to get that, i free handed the M and S cause, well, i didn't know what else to do lol.

I've also got a print of my Ultimate one, and wrapped it just cause i wanted to prep one just in case lol.

 I print out a template to make the handle hole for the bag and then i thought it would be a cool idea if it had a design inside so its simple outside but its got the details inside. It might be costly but you know what It's very personal right now and i'd love to make them in the future, i'll just make it with cheaper costs. I glue it on there so the bag as more support on the handle when its being used, without it the bag is kinda flimsy.

That's it for now, i'll post some new artwork tommorow ^_^ peace and love everyone!