Sneak Peak

 Here's a little preview of our new short project, me and my brother are working on for FMS Games.  I've grown to like working with my brother on projects very closely, It's fun to give him the art content right away as he puts them all together to make a game.  With any luck we could be ready to make 48 hour games.  This game is pretty much a top down shoot'em up game, as you may have already noticed we love spaceships lol. This may not come with the first version of this game but i was experimenting with normal maps with this particular kind of work.  Normally i would make the digital painting into a 3d model and that way we have actual 3 dimension.  But i thought it would be interesting if i just used normal maps since the image is on a plane which makes it like a sprite in a sense. I am still experimenting on how can i make it look great and it will also affect the light set up on each stage so i will need to make it on the next build. hopefully we can get this game live by next weekend. ^_^

I have been also trying to create more stuff to upload to my blog but my main concern is my youtube account.  I need to make more videos and i just need time to make more of it.  Anyway peace and luv everyone!!


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