Holy cow i have a blog

 It has been way too long since I've blogged, and i feel like i need to do an update.  I've been occupied through other websites and projects we were hustling to finish. Ever since I started the company with my friend Plato, things have gotten hectic and amazing.  I was back to working with other major companies on their projects through motion capture work, and also develop our own work. 

  I manage to get a space in the building as our concept studio, but more of less the DYV space, well in my eyes it is.  I thought i could bring in my friends of DYV but i was only able to bring in some of the youngins and once in awhile Mark joins in.  We managed to get a sample of FG1981 going, which we will be changing to Retro81 cause its easier to say.  I am going back in to coding once my responsibilities as a Producer dims down a bit, but I'm afraid it doesn't slow down ever, so maybe on the weekends lol.

 Everything seems to have gotten better for me and the best part was that my girlfriend is moving in with me, well, once we find an apartment.  She inspires me and keeps me going.

 We were also in FanExpo to promote our first major project called Phoenix Diaries, produced by my friend Plato.  MeiLin helped me promote the whole thing, oh and she also surprised me with a cake cause it was my birthday at the time. 
The guys also were there to help promote. 

So things are picking up and we're hustling to finish some trailers and stuff. Even if things were going great, bad things still happens, right? well i don't wanna bore you with the details but a couple of days ago my van got broken into and they stole my laptop with my new wacom tablet.  Since i'm still struggling with things, my van wasn't insured well.  So basically i had to pay for the window, and i can't get money for my stolen items.  So yeah gotta keep moving, other wise i should just sit and cry till i shoot myself cause i can't move on. 
 The other thing too was that i got this comment from a person online about how i should stop saying i'm gonna make a game and make a company and i didn't do anything.  I don't really wanna get into it but i just wanna say, that comment was made after my first mini game was done.  He/She wasn't able to play the game i suppose because they didn't install the unity webplayer.  I thought it was too bad, but i just wonder why people say mean things, but don't say their real names or even show something that makes them a better person? oh well not really something i wanna know lol just thought i should share that tid bit of information.  So much stuff is happening and its hard for me to document it or blog it, but this time i will definitely try. I am finally able to monetize my youtube account so it definitely motivated me to make more videos.  But my domain name is in some red tape so i might have to wait before i can get that back. For now i am going to transform my DYV site into a full on cool site! lol  And make this site more appealing and blog alot more.  Here's to me keeping my word!! PEACE AND LUV YA'LL!!

ps oh yeah and this was the poster i made for the convention


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