Lets Explore Bau Xi Gallery

I recently visited a gallery with my sis, Helen Hsu. The gallery is called Bau Xi and they were nice enough to let us go around the gallery and talk about art and show off their work. It was alot of fun talking about lighting and color and see all the great work that was in the place. I don't get to spend alot of time with Helen but when i do we always have a great time.  We mostly talk about arts and what we're working on currently.  We also talk about writing and notes on stuff we want to write about. Her humor also is pretty much as crazy as mine... So we laugh hysterically in front of strangers lol.

 I kept talking to her about YouTube also and how much fun it is to make videos. So we kept thinking about what kind of ways we could make videos.  So she thought of filming us going through galleries, perfect! So this is our first video but i still don't know what to call this show, and which day to post it... seems like we're gonna be posting it on Saturdays. I've left it for her to come up with a name for this show and i will be concentrating on reviving Doodle Tuesdays! that's right! i'm bringin it back! and this time i got better at drawing on camera... wait... that part's not tru lol.  But yes i will revive it so look out! your Tuesday just got better! (great i just psyched myself...)PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


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