Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping my life new

 My life constantly adjusts to the new things that come my way. I have decided to be on my own but now finding myself in a huge situation ( a good one) and is constantly trying to keep up with everything that is happening. My plans for my name to get bigger is the number one priority and is the reason why there is a green screen and everything.  I am learning new things everyday and realizing that the things I used to do was not the way I was meant to do it. I am meant for something bigger and i intend to see it through.  The current projects i am working on right now i cannot say, but i can say that Firegrid is up and running again and is moving quite fast.  I am also testing a better way to shoot DYVtv and planning out the future of the show.  I have alot on my mind, and that's actually the way i like it. Rockmiles is doing great and everyone is on top of their tasks. I see the importance of Charlie and that is why i will continue to write it and rough out the drawings. I can tell you that my goal for Charlie is to make a tv cartoon out of it.  I am learning the business the hard and fast way, which is seriously giving me a headache.  But to be honest, every ache is so worth it.  The amount of information i learn is absolutely valuable and something no teacher can help me with. I have an amazing opportunity to learn from a super great friend and I absolutely value him.  Everything is still the same plan, just with better legal coverage.  I will try to give you guys inside scoop on what i am up to with my personal projects but not the confidential ones lol.  May you all have Peace and Love.

Friday, September 17, 2010

twists and turns

All my life I try to find a group that connects with me everyday and every hour.  The more I do this the more it falls appart, and every second in my brain, a voice is saying your fine alone.  I hated being alone, with no group to belong. But the more I try to put one together, they don't feel the way it should.  9 years later i stop and sit myself down and realize, I need to be alone. I'll be riding solo for awhile, untill i figure this out. 

ps. I'm finishing off incomplete projects with the core members, but i will mainly be creating the building blocks of "MaddSketch" because I think it's about time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The ever changing course

So things have been constantly changing for me.  I've finally gotten back with Charlie and hoping i can do a whole volume before December.  I'm trying to get a hd camera for my youtube videos, just so i can do better drawing videos.  I now have 3 classes to teach every week, Cartooning, Storyboarding and 3D animation.  It's actually alot for me, so hopefully i can just keep it at that so i can continue working on my projects.  Our projects have been altering since the July and after finishing Armored Starr, I've been setting myself for personal projects.  So i have 2 diff titles I'm working out with my brothers where they write and i draw it. Those titles will be done by next year, so i can give myself enough time to work on them.  The 2 main titles i have to worry about is Charlie, and my new project Rockmiles Anthology.  the DYV core have been itching to draw their own comics, so i have been the acting editor for all their short stories.  So far it has been fun helping them get to their goals.  Some of the stories have been in our vaults for quite some time now. So it is a big deal for us to finish these series of short stories.  I've started some covers for it, but nothing solid.

Nothing major just getting the ball rolling, i might have some more designs i'm gonna put up.  I've decided to make this blog my safe haven for uploading my random images i work on.  I have so much more i'm working on but i really don't wanna talk about it anymore unless they get the green light and i've signed papers lol  Anyway so much stuff is developing and i hope i can get it to you guys as soon as possible. More blogs coming soon! XD  PEACE AND LUV!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whose painting is this?

I just found something interesting with people in general.  One of my close friends have given me a snap shot of a painting she saw and obviously it is a printed one. She asked the store who made that painting in hopes of maybe finding a cheaper one or maybe seeing more of the man/woman's work.  They said that they don't know who the artist is or where it came from, they just found it in their attic or something.  She showed me the artwork because she took a snapshot of it with her iphone.  I was curious if anyone could recognize the painting and possibly finding the artist who did it and how much it really is.  I wanna see if i could make this into something of an activity, well if it works maybe ^^.

Anyway the FanExpo went really well, thank you so much for everyone the three comics we put out.  It really inspires me to keep on going and making better work. PEACE AND LUV!

ps.  Our next event is the Literary Fest at Living Arts Center.  See ya there!