Madds Focus

Okay so i've been doing some refocusing and since my new company has started, i'm going to move the game development stuff to and all the drawing and comics stuff will stay here. since it's a DYV matter and everything.  I've decided to really push myself to get Charlie and so i have decided to redraw the whole thing from chapter 1.  I wanted to do this so that i can change the character design just a little bit so i can have more facial expressions (adding the nose and stuff) and re-proportioning the body too was something i needed to do. I have been testing the new character design in different poses and i feel so much better with them. Also i wanted to start again with the right size paper and weight, so that i can add all the detail i so luv doing.  I am basically planning on indulging myself with as much detail i can put in every background ^_^. 



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