FG1981 in dev


So I have been coding stuff for awhile and constantly learning Unity stuff.  But it's been awhile since I actually uploaded anything on the blog about it.  Alot of the stuff we're working on can't be shown which really sucks, so i'm making a basic game to get our company out there but i'm also experimenting on making a blog to show the development on it.  So yesterday I was contemplating on making a basic shooter game that I've always wanted to make. So I decided to get started on it, now the whole game looks very primitive and it doesn't even have a score system on it yet.  But i was too excited to now show anything, and with the interest of this blog, i wanted to only post it here.  I will be making updates on the progress of this game, hopefully i can even put cool models on it and stuff.


Madd Sketch said…
The game has updates now

-player dies, with a replay button
-reaper enemies, that becomes 2 qubs when they die.

More to come when i can.

by the way the game works but you have to install the webplayer.

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