Munny World x Madd Sketch

I almost forgot to post these but then again i have 2 more to finish off.  It's been awhile since I've posted artwork here actually. My usual schedule is the studio stuff and teaching, but it seams like i can put that aside for awhile and really focus on the game studio.  So when I get home I get to focus on my artwork, it's very nice to really set game development aside and focus on just drawing.  I get to really explore more ideas (at least with the size i can fit to work with) and really just be free.  Also I'm just trying to pull out some of the ones i didn't finish and really just finalize Makina because i owe it that much. Who knows where and when i can do a show with all of this, i have like 10 more clean woods and papers i wanna work on so we'll see.

The thing about these guys are that i got these stickers when i bought a Munny in early 2010. Since then i've been doodling on the toy and the vinyl seems to be hating my micron pens.  Then suddenly in my drawers as i was looking through for some more pens i saw the stickers.  I thought maybe its my pens that are running out, so i doodled on the sticker and i started just going off.  Originally i thought of a cover surface and have the tech stuff be underneath through the cracks and stuff. But then i thought what if i just went at it and did it all over.  So since i did the original munny that way i thought i should do the rest. Hopefully i can finish it and move on with the toy and the other surfaces i'm gonna do all this stuff on.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures, i will have  more to go then report with the new artpieces i'm working on. Until then Peace and Luv!!


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