Happy New Year!

 To bring this back to my personal days of blogger, when I used to just say stuff here.  I'd say 2010 was a Roller Coaster of different, maybes and could haves.  I made a lot of choices last year were made and in the beginning i was very scared and unsure.  Becoming 29 made me re-think my life, and where it's going.  I was scared but someone changed all of it and opened it up to be something amazing. I experimented a lot with my life, and how i make decisions. I learned about control and focus more than i have ever. With the mind set that i switched myself to, everything opened up.

 This new year i will now have to take actions to the paths i have taken.  I have been so used to having doors shut on my face, it's taking me quite a bit of time to get used to the idea of getting such an amazing opportunity. Starting Monday my life is gonna get faster and harder than I have ever gone through, and i absolutely cannot wait. I feel that all my ups and downs have prepared me for this moment and i am now ready. I am so lucky to find such great people and care for me so much.

This year I am now working at Fast Motion Studios running the FMS Game Company.  We are working hard with some new games and most of my time is on that.  But i didn't want to leave my artistic side so I am also pushing to get another studio space to work on paintings and comics with some people. I am hoping my best friend comes back so that we can do an ArtShow together, so i will save up to have a studio space for that. Currently i can focus on Art Stuff at home and work stays at the current studio.  I love the balance i can create between games and art, it has made my mind so clear and focused.  So Madd Sketch is the first promoted artist in StudioDYV and Gero World is coming back this year.  The studio is still small since i am still working out the legalities and stuff.  But right now the Artists of the studio is Exablitz and MaddSketch, I am gonna try to bring in my best friend Elle in it but nothing is concrete on that. 

Life is great and I cannot wait to show you all what i have been working on for the past few months. Happy New Years to everyone


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