I`m starting to over think the blogs now and thats why i haven`t been posting lol. So for now i have this one thing i made and i`ll have more with one more thing i painted and yeah.

I don`t have a name for that one, maybe Not_June cause that`s who i`m sending it to (or just call it To Dream). Not_June is a friend of mine in Blogtv. She`s been such a great friend and i pretty much owe her some art pieces. After her will be Rayv and Zemmy. I`m hoping to be doing actual commissions next time 'cause i really have no more money lol. Like seriously even if they were for 20bucks i'll take it lol.

On a fun note i am back with Notorious BIT and hopefully i can finish the next chapter of charlie (ugh i kno i'm terrible with schedules). I'm pretty close tho, seriously i am.

I'll post my commission drawings at the main but basically i'll be doing any 2d drawings for 15bucks and in color (marker renders and other traditional) for 30bucks. I don't care if its a fan art you want or your own characters, if its original just provide me with enough references or even ur own doodle.
Now for acrylics on canvas or watercolors it will have to be different but i'll post that next time cause i still need to decide.

Okay that's it for now i'll post some better stuff next time, so until then PEACE AND LUV!


Sheila said…
Well it's good to know you're staying busy! Keeps ya outta trouble right?

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