Busy Little Bee I Am

  I know it has been way too long since i've posted a blog and i'm imagining i could probably do some good by bringing myself back to this and use this as therapy.  I have been working on a project for many weeks now and it has been great and also very mentally exhausting. It is the biggest project I have ever gotten myself into but i know it will be well worth it. Everything is still in working progress but we've started the facebook group also to get the hype going. If you would like to see it, you can check it out here Excessive Force FBpage .

Now enough of that time to talk about what else has been going on. I am doing alot of drawing still and am on to working on my comic for next year. If all works out I will have my book in several stores, but we're hoping that things go well. So far we have a lot of support through Spent Pencils crew and with my relations with them I have been able to do more good and accomplish more things. I've also learned alot on doing fan art and prints for events. We've been able to do so many events, many of which i vlogged about but haven't finished editing them because of my project that i do on the weekdays.

Here's what i did on Thanos
The one thing I realized about fan art is that I could make money doing other people's characters but also be artistically satisfied. I get to be creative and show off my skills without compromising my style and integrity. I was able to be appreciated for the work i do and have my style be recognized. It has been pretty liberating and rewarding. I have done alot more because i need to build my collection of prints and also open up my commission list for bigger pieces.

Next time i will have my pages to show off for the UX comic. Which for now i am thinking i would be doing a 32 page comic instead of a 200 page graphic novel because of my devotion to the major project i am doing. So far it looks like i could have a window of doing more pages and such but i just need to keep working away on all the projects because i have taken more jobs from different sources just so i can stay afloat. Next post i will show off more of my prints and some shots of my project. Peace and Love everyone! (i miss saying that ^_^)


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