Okay so coming up with a reason why i am blogging and why i should draw and so forth, I've been planning my focus for the past few months.  Since my work life has now gotten more exciting and better, I have managed to focus my art life as something greater.  So i wanted to call this part of my art career as, Special.  Special meaning everything i make will have a special place in my heart.  There will be stuff made for people to have but I also will be making things special just for me. 

For example, I have made this box that i was going to put a shirt inside and make it a Special Edition box.  Literally just now, i came up with binding my own Art book filled with every single good work i have made and just make one.  I am finally going to make my Not June book.  I didn't want to make a book for awhile because i feel that i have not made enough artwork to fill a thick book like i wanted to.  A lot of people always tell me to just compromise and make a thinner one or something, but i like making the effort to achieve my challenge. So what will it consist of?

Well since it is just for me in a way and for the luv of my life, let me just list it down.

Makina series
Shirt Designs (with the photo of a model wearing it)
Items I've made for myself
comic pages of my stuff
doodles i loved
photographs of work i did
A lot of Narration of each work.
My work progression

Also it will fit the box i made by hand.
bind it myself

So far that's all i've thought of for this part of my Special series.  This book is dedicated to the love of my life and how she inspires me to do better in my work, since she is the only fan i have ^_^


Songman said…
Love the last sketch, fantastic detail.

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