Just to get things straight

 There are alot of things I wanna be successful at and sure even make some money.  But one thing I wanna get straightened out is that I write on this blog not to be famous, I write for myself and for anyone who would like to get to know me.  I have been blogging on this site for 3 years but I've been blogging on blogger since 2001, I'm not new to blogging. On other blog sites I had planned on getting followers to gain web traffic, but this site is pretty personal. This blog is for friends I have gained through for the love of Art, and I share to my followers what I have been up to.  When I say purpose, I mean maybe something existing followers can take from a post.  Something substantial that a reader can get from, when I read through my comments on Youtube, I find that i have alot of teenage kids wanting to know more about Art. I feel that I have gained some responsibility to help them along their journey to become a professional Artist, thus the thought of being more resourceful. I don't think I have anything else to add to this so I will just say that, I appreciate all you followers, I am very great-full that you all still follow me. I don't wanna create content to get more followers, I wanna keep blogging to connect with my existing, followers. Peace and Luv!


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