Sunday, July 25, 2010

UX Armored Starr and so forth.

So as we wrap up Armored Starr and get the comic ready for printing, i have joined an anthology book.  The limit is 3 pages plus a cover and i'm in the process of inking the last 2 pages.

So this cover is still gonna go through some more graphics and stuff before its finished but the line work is pretty much done.  i will be showing the 1st page if i have time before i fly out tmw.
Also we are starting a new project which to me is my serious step towards comics.  We are calling it Project Dove right now but its a working title.  It will be 200 pages and we'll be developing it for 365 days.  So i'm gonna try to create a full development blog on it but hopefully not reveal too much of the story.  It is also a plan to make a proof of concept, so we will also include 3d models and plans to make it into a cg animated series.  But that part will be like waaaaaaaay in the future.  We have alot of development concepts and stuff so that stuff i can post for sure.  I hope you guys enjoy this new direction we are headed towards because i have a good feeling about it. 

Also an awesome book that we are very ninja like about is Gero World.  One of our awesome duo Rodolfo and Mariel are working very hard on making  the comic very awesome like.  I will put up some previews when we are ready to do so.  So look out for that!

We have lots of plans in making some awesome content and even working with other developers to make our very own publishing group to make all this happen.  So i hope you guys enjoy all this when it comes out.  PEACE AND LUV

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Armored Starr

Sorry i haven't been updating in a long while, well here's something to make up for it.  Me and the guys have been hard at work finishing up the pages of Armored Starr and so as a teaser for you all, here is my page for the comic. 

I only have 3 pages for that particular comic but i will be going back to Charlie real soon after this book is done.  I hope you guys like the page and buy the comic when we release it. PEACE AND LUV!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Okay so I've had alot of productivity these past few weeks, but recently i was side tracked.  We thought we could make our very own vinyl toys.  Alas that is too far away to reach, well for now.  I also forgot i had to do the first 3 pages of the comic.  So unless i get those done we can't color and letter everything, and print.  So i have to crack the wip on myself and finish everything i have set out to do.  Thing's are developing tho, I've got alot of my pieces done and its nice to see them finished.  I'm slowly shifting my art style back and forth so i can have the ability to go super detail and super basic.  It's hard to switch my brain, its like doing 2d drawings to 3d animation programs.  My mood is all over the place... anyway peace and luv everyone!